Interchangeable Knitting Kit

This Fashoknit Interchangeable Knitting Needle Set includes:

10 pairs of Needles, including 3.50 MM, 4 MM, 4.50 MM, 5 MM, 5.50 MM, 6 MM, 6.50 MM, 8 MM, 9 MM, 10 MM.

Jumbo Yarn Winder

Jumbo Yarn Winder comes in 3 types of finish. Each piece is one of a kind. Transform hanks or skeins into compact center-pull balls that sit nicely while you knit.

Umbrella Yarn Swift

Umbrella Yarn swift is the perfect yarn winder on the market for holding almost all sizes of hank. The lightweight swift is made with high quality birch wood to provide a smooth experience when winding your hank or skeins.
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